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Enormous heat resistance and insulating properties with Xaggregate™



Xaggregate™ is a filling material used for the production of concrete-like moldings as in concrete instead of sand or gravel. Positive effects such as lower weight and higher thermal insulation are achieved. The properties are comparable to those of gas concrete.

Xaggregate™ is made of:

  1. Houshold waste
  2. and/or Household-like commercial waste
  3. or commercial waste in a suitable composition


Conventional concrete is made from cement, aggregates (e.g. sand, gravel etc.) and water. It can contain not only approved concrete additives but also concrete admixtures. The requirement profile for the bonding agent cement is regulated in the DIN standard DIN EN 197-1. The aggregates permitted for concrete are listed in DIN EN 13055-1 and DIN EN 12620, while the concrete additives are regulated by the standards DIN EN 459-1, DIN EN 12620 and DIN EN 450. Only additives in conformance with the standard DIN EN 934-2 are permitted for use in concrete. For normal concrete, the water-cement ratio is normally between 0.5 and 0.65, the dry density is approx. 2,400 kg/m³ and thermal conductivity is approx. 2.1 W/m²K.

The environment-friendly concrete blocks contain the newly developed organic-mineral compound Xaggregate™, cement and water. The sand content in conventional concrete can be replaced in part or in full. Xaggregate™ is a newly developed aggregate made from secondary raw materials.

Depending on the mixing ratio, the dry density of an  Xaggregate™ cement block varies between 830 kg/m³ and 1,200 kg/m³. In comparison with a conventional concrete block, the  Xaggregate™ block shows a significantly lower dry density, reduced compression strength, a significantly lower thermal conductivity of 0.16 W/m²K, and is up to 60% lighter.

The advantages of using Xaggregate™ in building materials can be summarised as follows:

  1. 60% less weight compared to conventional concrete blocks, leading to lower transportation costs and a greater transportation range, and a significantly lower dead load on supporting structures.
  2. The compression strength of a block made with  Xaggregate™ meets the requirements for hollow blocks as laid down in DIN V 18151-100, strength classes 4 and 8, and for brickwork as laid down in DIN 1053-2, strength classes M5 and M 11, with simultaneous weight reduction as described above.
  3. The fibrous structure of  Xaggregate™ functions like a reinforcement.
  4. The Xaggregate™ block has thermal conductivity of 0.16 W/m²K.
  5. The most important properties of an  Xaggregate™ block correspond to those of gas concrete (Ytong).
  6. Freeze-thaw tests carried out in accordance with exposure class XF as per CEN/TS 12390-9 indicate little loss of material. This means that construction materials manufactured with Xaggregate™ are frost-resistant.

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Datum / Date2016

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